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genealogy of the Johnson, Ralph, Higgins, and Dykes Ancestors and Descendants and other families
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Jane Helms wife of Andrew Jackson Norton and George Washington McGqourik.jpg
Welcome to the kinshipseeker Family History Web Site. To get started click on the find pull down menu and then on Surnames. Kerry & Rhomer Johnson have compiled the information here. Some from our own research and others from the internet. We don't claim that everything on this site is accurate as some we have copied from other web site or sources. If you see anything at all that is incorrect please notify us. Some of the surnames we have at kinshipseeker are:

Alderman, Bahr, Barrens, Boyd, Box, Brooks, Brown, Brummett, Campbell, Case, Cashwell, Cason, Chambers, Clay, Copeland, Culpepper, Dawson, de Forest, Dykes, Elliot, England, Gaston, Gray, Graves, Gross, Harris, Hicks, Higgins, Holland, Hopper, Jackson, James, Johnson, Jolley, Jones, Keele, Kropp, Lindley, McAnear, McClure, McCoy, McDonald, McElreath, McMillan, McMillian, Miller, Mitchell, Montgomery, Nageldinger, Newton, Patton, Perkins, Phillips, Ralph, Reid, Richmond, Shipman, Simonton, Smith, Spencer, Swearingen, Tate, Tow, Trulock, Truluck, Walker, Watson, Webb, Yates, Young

and many more. Good luck searching for your kin on the good ship kinshipseeker afloat on the ocean's of Genealogy & Family History .
Most Wanted - I am looking for information about these ancestors. Clark L. Johnson (1832), David Ralph (1805), Benjamin Higgins (1790), Martin Dykes (1790), Mary Jane Sanders (1800) Can you help?

What's New - This Site was started 23 March 2010.

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Acknowledgements: I owe my data and research to many, many people who have added tremendously to my efforts. It would be impossible to naem them all, but I will here begin naming those that have helped the most. I do not intend to leave anyone out, but if I do please contact me and I will try to remedy my short sight. The persons I would like to acknowledge are listed below and with what line(s) they have helped me with. 1. Greg Keeling with the McCoy, Ralph, Keele, McDonald, Carlisle, Mcintosh, Clay, Brown's etc. I am descended through Hiram McCoy, and his son Roderick McCoy and through his daughter Pheraba McCoy who married Thomas T. (Samuel Bracton) Ralph. His suggestions helped me to make links with my family I could not otherwise have made. 2. Lee Ralph who also assisted me in my Ralph research. Linda Dykes Raines, for help with my Dykes line. 3. Wes Gwin for help with the Higgins and Stonecypher's (Stonecipher's) etc. 4. Hugh McMillian for help with the McMillans (McMilian's) and associated lines. 5. My Brother Kerry Johnson for all of my lines. There are numeerous others that have helped in many ways. I wish I could remember and acknowledge all that have helped. The other things that have helped tremendously are the Heritage books of Grundy and Coffee county that I have purchased and the internet, including, footnote,,, google search, etc. Again, there are too many to name them all. Thank you Cousins, brother etc. I have not verified all the information that is on this website. I try to use reliable sources and to verify when I am able with census records etc. I freely share with the world what I have found, but you must do your own verification. If you find mistakes that need be corrected please email me. Thanks and happy hunting! If you have any questions, comments or would like to share research with me, please contact Rhomer Johnson at . I look forward to hearing from you.
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23 March 2010 - Started this site.

From the 1970's - We have put years and years of work into my family research and have added over 20,000 individuals.